5 Reasons Why Rafael Should be with Petra, Not Jane

The season final of Jane the Virgin got me thinking why should the main heroin always get the guy? I seriously feel for Petra. Jane’s heart starts glowing for Rafael once again and suddenly Petra is out of the picture? I hated the final because although they did not end up together after all that was what the scene was implying!

Here are 5 reasons why PETRA should be the one to end up with Rafael… Continue reading


Terra Mitica: Be a Child for a Day

Imagine a place located on a beautiful mountainside, under a sky so blue it makes your eyes water. A place filled with grandeur but today almost eerly empty. A place where you enter an adult but fastly transform into a kid… if only for a little while. Welcome to Terra Mitica.  Continue reading

La Muralla Roja: A Must-see in Calp

To be honest, I have not heard about La Muralla Roja before the previous week, when one of my roommates excitedly told me it is located in a near-by town. Since I could not understand what the fuss was all about, she decided to show me a picture of it – turns out the building is an Instagram sensation. I fell inlove with this masterpiece immediately, so I did not wait long to do my research and visit it. Continue reading