4 Original Bars to Visit in Rome

Usually, when mentioning Rome, people are imagining long history, rich culture and amazing sightseeing. But what if you are young and wild and want to have some fun in the Eternal City? Here is a list of some bars that definitely caught my attention during my stay there.

  1. Prepare to Get Frozen!
    Have you had your cocktail in an environment entirely made of ice? That is right! In Rome’s own Ice Club you can enjoy your drinks on -5 temperature, surrounded by ice sculptures and feeling like you are on the North Pole. They give customers a nice, warm cape at the door so you would not get a frost bite. The good news is that a free drink is provided with the entrance fee and a free shot if you own a tourist map of the city. It’s a pretty cool experience and a total must go!ice-club
  2. Homemade Beer and Amazing Pizza
    At Bir and Fud I have tasted the best pizza Rome has to offer. Not to mention that the portions are huge which is definitely a plus in a city where the food is so expensive. If that does not attract you to this bar, wait till you see the huge variety of beers on tab, some of which homemade. I am not a huge beer expert but I left the place quite satisfied, happy and with full belly.RD-24
  3. Some Irish Fun
    If you have already explored the traditional Italian bars and you are ready for a  taste of another culture, the Scholars Lounge Irish Pub is the place to be. Apart for the pleasant atmosphere, affordable dishes and variety of Irish beers, one can enjoy nice  live music or to sing karaoke. And if that is not enough, all members of the staff are friendly, fun and… Irish.47134_420761130059_1922674_n
  4. Fun for Chocolate Lovers
    A place that I deeply regret not having time to visit is Cioccolata E Vino. From what I’ve heard, the bar is totally worth the time and money. Not only the shots are to be enjoyed there but also the glasses. That is right – these guys offer pottery made of chocolate. So forget about your diet and enjoy a mouth-full of sinful pleasure topped with cream 😉960206_10151382181096767_1766919726_n

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