How to Handle an Injured Pet

Today something terrifying happened to me and I realized that I am totally unprepared for a crisis with my pet. As I was trying to clean my three-month-old bunny, Ginny, she literally jumped out of my arms, which caused her to spin in the air and lend on her head. It doesn’t sound serious but when you are a small baby and a 1,80 giant drops you for sure you end up horrified and hurt. 

Basically what happened after may be used as a guide “What not to do when your pet is hurt”. My bunny started twitching wildly on the ground, trying to get as far from me as possible and suddenly she stopped moving at all. I got so panicked that I immediately called my boyfriend, sat on the ground in the other room, too scared to check if Ginny is alive, and cried my eyes out.

He eventually came and we took her to the vet. But the whole situation made me think what is the right thing to do if that happens again so I can help my pet and possibly save its life. Here are some of the conclusions I have reached:

  1. Do Not Panic
    Panic is definitely your biggest enemy. If something bad happen to your little friend, it is best to remain calm and check the damage. In many situations, even if it is badly hurt, a rush visit to the vet may save its life.
  2. Do a Basic Examination
    It is good to know what damage has been done. Just try to check if your little friend is responsive and moving. Then it is a good idea to localize the spot of the injury so you can provide information to the specialists. Remember that even the most loving animal may be scared and agitated and may try to bite. For this reason,keep it away from your face.
  3. Call the Animal Clinic Before Hand
    Before running with your pet to the vet’s office just call and let them know you are coming. In this way you will be sure you will find somebody there who already expects you and is ready to handle the emergency.
  4. Follow Your Pet’s Behavior
    If you don’t know if the injury is serious enough to require a doctor, you can just observe your animal’s usual behavior. Even if it is a little stressed, most probably it will start following its usual routine about two hours after the accident. If it is not moving, though, or refuses to take food or water, may be it is better to be safe than sorry and call your vet.
  5. Do  Not Try to Cuddle
    Although my first instinct when I realized Ginny is alive was to hug her and take her into my arms, that is probably the worst idea. When your animal is in shock, it is best to leave it alone for a while until everything gets back to normal. A rash cuddling session may stress the little cutie even more, or cause it pain, or even a hostile reaction towards you.

IMG_1177“I am angry with you, mommy!”

Although our story had a happy ending – Ginny got a painkiller shot and now is safely playing in her cage, it made me realize that I should be more careful with my pet, because its life is precious to me. To be prepared is always a good start and, as I said above, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Photos: Internet, Personal Archive


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