138 Years Free Bulgaria

Честит празник, българи!

Today my homeland – Bulgaria, celebrates its National Holiday. 138 years ago, on this day, the country was liberated from Ottoman slavery.

It would take me pages and pages to describe our rich and proud history – Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe after all (established in 681 AD). It would take also hundreds and hundreds of photos to share with you its beauty, as we have so many amazing natural places. May be I would write a post on this some other time.

But now I would like to congratulate all Bulgarians – at home or abroad, with our holiday. Never forget the sacrifices our ancestors had to make so we are able to enjoy  our freedom and own state today. Take a second to remember our national heroes like Levski, Botev, Rakovski. Be proud of your nationality…

… as I am proud!

“Българийо, за тебе те умряха,
една бе ти достойна зарад тях
и те за теб достойни, майко, бяха!”

– из “Новото гробище над Сливница”, Иван Вазов

If you would like more information about Bulgaria, please visit the Official Tourism Portal of Bulgaria 🙂

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