The Boy: A Thriller Worth Watching

After a spontaneous decision to go to the movies with my boyfriend and checking what the movie theaters in Thessaloniki have to offer, we decided to see The Boy – an American-Chinese-Canadian psychological horror.

After watching the trailer, we were sure that what we are getting into is just another ghost story with haunted houses, diseased children and creepy dolls. What we saw was a little bit more complicated that that.

The story line revolves around a young woman from the States – Greta, who, in order to escape an abusive relationship, moves to England and accepts an extremely well paid job as a nanny. What she is bound to discover, though, is that she has to babysit… a doll. Even creeper than that is the fact it is treated like a living child by its “parents”. After accepting the situation as a joke at first, Greta realizes that her employees may not be as crazy as they seem.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, but, as a horror fan, I was starting to get a little sick of the same story repeated over and over again.  This thriller is nothing like that. Not only there are some moments that can make you jump, but also the ending is really surprising and unexpected. If you have seen Hide and Seek  or The Orphan, prepare for a final of the same caliber.

Although the film received mixed to negative reviews from the critics, me and my boyfriend genuinely liked the plot, cast and fresh ending especially. Even if it needs a few perks to be worked on, it deserves to be given a chance.

Enjoy the movie and don’t hesitate to share your experience here 🙂

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