The Cruelest Person Is One Who Mistreats Animals

Today while looking at posts on my Facebook wall, I saw one about a kitten brutally beaten and in a critical condition. The poor animal was missing an eye, oozing pus all over it face and was refusing to eat. A group of good people were collecting money for donations. 

This post made me think what kind a person should you be to mistreat a helpless animal? Isn’t it bad enough that a lot of pets get abandoned on the streets every day by careless owners who got bored of them? Why humans should treat creatures that haven’t done nothing to them with cruelty and hatred?

There are some extreme cases I have read about describing a boy shooting his own dog. Or people putting dogs in boiling water just for their on sick “fun”. That is sadistic and inhumane and in my opinion those individuals deserve the same done to them.

As I mentioned, though, those cases are extreme. There are a lot more that are not that severe and we don’t hear about them.

I will share here a personal story. My doggy, Puffy, is an adoption that we found about in a newspaper. Obviously, the person who had put the advertisement there had a dog who gave birth to 4 cubs, from which only mine was a girl. As my parents went to pick her up, I cannot describe to you the condition which the pup was in.

Some flees from the mother transferred on the babies, they were kept in a carton box from a TV or something, covered in their own filth. When my parents called to let the owner know they are on the way, he decided to “give my doggy a bath” by putting it under the cold tab water and warping it in a dirty kitchen towel, so my parents do not thing the pup is dirty and refused to take it.

What my mother has received this day, was a shaking little wrap, scared to death, and freezing. The owner had not even left my parents the rag the dog was into. He took it because he “needed” it so my mother had to put the wet baby under her coat.

When we took Puffy home, we gave her food and she ate like she had never seen a meal before. It turned out the dog is bitten on several places, with a lot of small, bloody wounds around the face. It also had worms in the stomach and it needed a lot of love and care till it regained its strength and started trusting people again.

That is just my pet’s story. But I don’t wanna even imagine what would have happened if Puffy wasn’t adopted by us this day.


Puffy, after being one month in our care.

There is a lot we can do against animal cruelty, starting at our own homes. Treat your pets the same way you would like to be treated, responsibly and with love. If you don’t have a fluffy friend, take an adoption. Adopted animals can give you the same amount of love and happiness as any pet bought from the store. I know that from experience!

If you cannot provide your animal with the needed care, please leave it at a shelter, not on the street, because in that way you would at least provide it with its best chances for survival.

And remember – every life, even of the smallest creature, counts!

Photos: Internet, Personal Archive


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