5 Reasons Why Bunnies Aren’t the Best Pet


Don’t understand me wrong! I looooove my little fluffy lady. But sometimes I wish that I had done better research before adopting her. Here are the reasons why may be a bunny is not the perfect pet for you… 

  1. Bunnies Are Really Fragile
    During the 2 months I have my Ginny, I called or visited the vet at least 5 times. So if you have heard the rumor bunnies don’t need a doctor, better do a research before hand! As this small fellows are really curious creatures, they like to explore by jumping or hiding so it is quite easy for them to get into accidents. Ginny recently has broken her tooth and we haven’t even understood where or how.
  2. Bunnies Are Selfish
    If you expect tons of affection and dog-like behavior, better forget it! Bunnies are independent, not cuddly at all, and prefer to be left alone to play. But wait until your fluff ball is hungry – you will immediately get its attention.
  3. Bunnies Are Mean
    Boy, they do have character! Actually, what bunnies believe usually is that they own your ass, not the opposite. And they will try to prove that by, for example, peeing on your seat. Forget about litter training! This myth is as much true as the one about the Gorgons  or Pegasus. They will demand of you to groom them and  it is for your own good not to get on their bad side if you don’t want pee on your bed or poo in your shoes.


    Her face says “Pick me up, mommy, I wanna poop on the couch!”

  4. They Poop Everywhere
    As mentioned above litter training is a myth, especially when it comes to pooping. We tried everything with Ginny – we even put her on a special diet, but nothing helps. This little monster just waits for the moment when she is out of her cage to poop on my couch… or generally on my life!
  5. They Are a Long-Term Commitment
    Bunnies do live long – about 8 to 10 years. For me this is a plus, but if you are getting bored easily, or you are planning to create a family in few years, or eventually upgrade to a dog, may be it would be better if you choose a hamster.

Although the above-mentioned facts are true and I share them from experience, I would not change my Ginny for nothing in the world. She makes my live miserable sometimes, but I can say the same about my boyfriend, too. The silver lining is we are happy together and we learn from one another.

If you are interested in a particular topic about bunnies, please let me know in the comment section 🙂

Photos: Personal Archive 


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