Quote of the Day (26. 03. 2016)

“Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!”

-Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

I chose this quote for today because I totally relate to the White Rabbit. That’s the thing about time – it is never enough.

This week passed so fast that I didn’t even notice the days going by. And now I sit at home asking myself “Where all this time go? Did I just lost it without noticing?” 

Keeping up with the 24-hour day is definitely not my strong suit.To balance sleep, school, work, house choirs, social life, love life, hobbies and just time for myself sometimes looks completely impossible. So I have to cut back on something or prioritize, which is not always that easy as it looks.

So what from the many things I love should I choose not to do in order to have time for the others? Or could I quit being lazy, cut off on sleep and fit more activities into my day? The second seems like the right idea but sometimes I just feel bored or tired or too reluctant, so I choose the first. Which does not make me happy as I feel I have “unfinished business”.

And frankly said I blame this on time. And I ignore the fact that as Carroll’s beloved character I am always late.

So on advice from me -utilize your time smartly and do what makes you happy. Because like the White Rabbit said sometimes forever is “just one second”.

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