Dreamy Beach Just Outside Thessaloniki

As spring is here and weather in Thessaloniki is getting better and better, I can’t help but dream of going to the beach. If you are working or studying, though, may be a weekend get-away to Halkidiki doesn’t seem as appealing considering you may need a car and more than a few hours to go there. Also the not-so-warm yet weather is not very encouraging. The perfect solution – the nice beach of Perea is just 20 minutes away.



All you need to do is to spare an afternoon, take a bus from Ikea, and enjoy the sea! This little village may not offer the perfect sandy beaches of Halkidiki, but is still pretty great for a few-hour get-away.



The water there is warm enough for swimming even in April (all the pictures in the post are taken in this month), there are numerous coffee and ice cream shops around, and another plus – is not that crowded.



If you decide to take  walk along the sea line, you will enjoy a number of beautiful views and great places to take pictures. Go to the pier around sunset and you will experience a dreamy view just like from a movie.



Perfect way to end the day – have dinner in one of the many nearby restaurants. I did it and I don’t regret my decision even a bit.


For me this place brings great memories of summer, sea, sand castles, and great friends. I go there every time I need an escape from everyday life. I hope it will bring the same feeling of joy and freedom to you as well 🙂

Photos: Anna Dimcheva, DA Casual




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