International Dog Festival in Thessaloniki

There is a saying that the dog is man’s best friend. From what I saw that may turn out to be true.

Today me and my boyfriend decided it might be fun to do something different, so we visited the International Dog Festival, which we saw advertised on a billboard the previous week. 


Two pretty girls bonding 🙂

The event is taking place this weekend (9-10 April) in Helexpo and hosts not only numerous brands of dog foods and care products, but also the furry companions themselves.


“What do you know about pretty ladies?”

If you are a fan of dog exhibitions, that is the place to go. We saw many dog breeds presented on different arenas. The doggies were prepared by their owners in little areas around the stage – just like in a real fashion show! We were also able to go near and greet the fluffs which actually made my day. It was a great, educational and totally worth-it experience.


A great place to meet friends…

The little models were not the only dogs there, though. A lot of people came with their own pets who were able to get treats by the participating brands and pampering by all the dog-crazies like me.


“I have just been to the hairdresser! What do you think of my new hair?”

A really impressive sight was a corner were some big fellows were getting haircuts. Another cool thing was organised by Woofland – a photo booth were you can get your doggy photographed for free. For the people who are into accessories the girls from petshop88 were creating amazing personalized tags with the name of your pet and also a phone number, so in case it gets lost it could be easily returned. I took one for my Puffy and got a jealous bunny on my hands.


Such a beauty queen that one..

And as if all of those were not enough reasons for visiting, we got a lot of free nutritional advise for our kind of dogs – I have a Maltese and my boyfriend has a Labrador. Did I mention that almost every brand there was distributing free food samples and I arrived home with a big bag of treats for Puffy?


Some of us got tired towards the end.

If you are reading this and feeling sad for missing it, just remember – there is still a chance to visit the event tomorrow. Or if not tomorrow, next year – it is an annual event. We had a wonderful time and would totally recommend the Festival to anyone.



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