5 Shows That Should Get Cancelled Already

We all have some shows that we continue watching just for the habit of it. And ok…someone needs to say it: Every good thing must come to an end. The same is valid for endless TV series. And better sooner than later – before rocking bottom and loosing their audience.  In some cases what is dead, should stay dead…


  1. Pretty Little Liars
    We all loved a good “A” story in the first season, also in the second, may be the third, not so much the fourth… And now we are preparing for the 7th season until meanwhile  the plot gets crazier and crazier. I mean, trying to keep it fresh by fast-forwarding 5 years was a desperate move not to loose the interest of the public which I kind of understand. BUT the transgender sister, the evil twin of Alison’s mom, Radley as a hotel… it is just too much and not quite right. Exactly in the way the spin -off Ravenswood was not what we expected. So rid the Liars of  their misery and kill the show already!Tvd_S7_FULL
  2. The Vampire Diaries
    It is not only that they lost their main star -Nina Dobrev. Or the fact the creators are obviously running out of ideas. But numerous characters on that show have died and come back to live more times than I can handle. As I said before -sometimes what is dead should stay dead… Even if that means cancelling the show.The-Originals
  3. The Originals
    Although, it is not quite as annoying as the original series, this spin-off is starting to get a way out of hand. The first season was definitely nice, but what followed could not be called with such a flattering word. I loved Klaus in The Diaries, but his pretentious way of speaking, numerous dead relatives that occasionally pop back to life, and endless procession of enemies is starting to get old… fast. So give him a chance of redemption already and leave the poor man alone.. and preferably off our screens.tumblr_nrwpt2rY7q1rgxw63o1_1280.png
  4. Once Upon a Time
    Another desperate example. I really enjoyed the idea of a modern spin of the old fairy tales we all know and love. But suddenly The Wizard of Oz got involved. Or evil Peter Pan that turned out to be Rumpelstiltskin’s father. Is it just me or that is totally crazy?? And ok, I would have forgiven the fact that they have destroyed the image of my favorite childhood novel in my head if the creators did not continue giving birth to total bullshit. What I mean is their  pathetic attempt to breath some new life into the show by involving the Olympic Gods. And the most ridiculous  version of Hades the word had ever seen. Please do the audience a favor and cancel this crap already.greysanatomy_y10_gal_001_19695lt-19695m0.jpg
  5. Grey’s Anatomy
    For more than 10 years now I was waiting the end of the week to watch my favorite medical drama. I loved the fact the the personal lives of the characters somehow intertwine with the interesting case they solve but still do not over shine them. But the last two seasons that seems not to be the case anymore. We tend to see less and less surgeons in action and more and more teary personal drama. If one more sister of Meredith appears from somewhere I will seriously puke. For me the show is slowly loosing its charm. So please, please, dear creators “pack this patient” and leave the surgery room… before he codes and dies on his own.

Since all of the above shows got renewed for the new season, lets hope the creators are still hiding something up their sleeves. And if not – that they will not prolong our misery and will leave space for new, more exciting projects at lease on the 2017  winter schedule.


3 thoughts on “5 Shows That Should Get Cancelled Already

  1. Although my love for Once Upon a Time won’t allow me to agree with you on point 4, all of your other points are more than valid (especially when it comes to Pretty Little Liars). I really enjoyed your post. Have you ever posted this on any movie sites?


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