Snowy Fairytale

Talking about confusion, the biggest one that can be observed in Thessaloniki these days is the cold weather.

A Southern city like Thess rarely experience minus temperatures but for the last few days  gloves, hats, and scarfs are very needed accessories.

In the city where the normal high temperature for this period is 9 degrees Celsius, today is snowing – there is a snow cover for the first time in years.  A nice surprise for the kids, who do not have school but a burden for the working adults that are forced to use the icy and uncleaned roads.


Lone orange tree

Outside, Thessaloniki looks abandoned from its residents. A lot of stores and cafes are closed due to the freezing temperatures. Even the airport got closed due to weather conditions.

The only thing to be seen outside is the peaceful fall-down of the snow. And when I look through my window this curious picture is presented to me: an orange tree, covered in snow.

A new proof what a magical city Thessaloniki is.



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