The Trend of the Surprising Deaths: Five Favourite Characters that Died

It seams like the creators of our favorite shows are trying to up their game a notch… by surprisingly killing off some of the main characters.

If you are a huge fan of American TV series (just like me) you may have noticed some of the main characters we love to watch or love to hate are getting surprisingly killed off. Just when we were thinking they have so much more to give. Is this a new trend being born? Doubt it? Well, the proves are below…

  1. Rayna Jaymes, Nashville
    Our favorite country diva is one of the bitter examples. Just when things were looking up for Ray and Deacon´s new album, she suffered a car accident and died in the hospital.
    A-REAL-SHOCKER!I can quite honestly say I did not expected THAT to happen. Even with the speculations that Connie Britton is leaving, I just couldn´t believe Rayna is gone for good… As well as Nashville from my “to watch list”.
  2. Michael, Jane the Virgin

    Sweet, sweet Michael 😦
    We kind of knew the character will not make it to Law school. I guested that may be he will rejoin the police force or hopefully anticipated that Jane is really pregnant. Never, never did I imagine what will truly happen…
    Well, to be sure, this character deserved a much more glorious death than the one he was given.
  3. Wes Gibbins, How to Get Away with Murder

    The biggest chin-dropper for me so far was Mr. Gibbins. I was entirely sure that he will be a part of the “Keating 5” until the end of the show.
    Not only did he die but he also became the main murder mistery in the second part of the season.
    Although I liked him I could not tell I will miss him. With or without him, the show is still great.
  4. Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

    The show was full of surprising deaths this season. Starting with Tyler Lockwood, through Enzo, to the biggest Easter egg of all – Stefan Salvatore.
    Although I have been a Damon fan all along, I couldn´t help but believe that Stefan and Elena are meant to be. So I expected them to reunite in the “big finale”. But surprise-surprise – instead of that Stefan bit the wood. In a really, really dramatic way, if I may add.
    Who was to expect that from the show in which almost all characters died and came back to life, the main one will actually stay dead?
  5. Rickon, Game of Thrones

    Pretty much everyone we loved (with a few exceptions) is already dead on this show. But Rickon?
    I know that this cannot be blamed on the show´s creators but on the one and only J. R. R. Martin, but still – sweet, little Rickon??? I was so upset after the episode I was seriously considering to quit watching the show.
    You have never stopped to surprise me, old man! But next time it would be even a bigger shocker if one or two of our favorite characters do not loose their heads.

Above are just a few of the examples of sudden and recent TV deaths. It wold be a same not to mention Chad Radwell from Scream Queens, Robin Hood from Once Upon a Time, Poussey Washington from Orange is the New Black, and my personal favorite – Robert Ford from Westworld.

Lets face it – with all this uncertainty of who lives and who dies we become even more obsessed with watching shows. Good move, show runners! You got us there!


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