Dublin: 5 Things to Know about the City

Before visiting Dublin for the first time about 6 years ago I remember doing some research about Ireland and its inhabitants. Ever since then, I have learned many more fact about this amazing place through different books, movies and my two recent trips to Dublin.

Here is what you need to know about the Irish Capital…

1. The People


Me with a bunch of nice Irishmen 🙂

Every time I am in Dublin, I become more and more convinced in one thing – Irish people are the nicest! I haven´t been to another country where you ask somebody for the direction and they stay with you for 20 minutes trying to help your hopeless navigation skills. Or see you looking confused on the street and ask you if you are ok and if there is something they can do for you. Honestly, I love the Irish!

2. The Weather


Liffey just after it rained…

What an Irishman once told me is that there are about 20 days in the year in which it does not rain in Ireland.  But that could´t scare us, could it?
The famous Irish bad weather actually adds charm to the city of Dublin. It is raining in one second, and there is the brightest sunshine in the next, making the city look gilded and full of light. Other perks of the constant rain are the always fresh air and mesmerizing greenery.

3. The Prices
Well, unfortunately the prices are quite high. From souvenirs through accommodation to food Dublin is not a cheap alternative.
A decent meal in a pub would cost you between 20 – 30 euros, depending on what you choose. The price for an Irish breakfast is around 10 euros. If you decide to eat at home, though, you may save quite a penny. Supermarkets are not that expensive, they are basically at every corner, and offer great variety of choices.
For those who are not fond of walking, the price of the Luas (something like a tram)  ticket is 2 euros or more.
A cheap shopping alternative is my favorite chain of stores – Penny´s (known as Primark in other countries). They have everything for everyone – clothes, cosmetics, house essentials, shoes, bags, toys… One of their stores is definitely worth a visit.

4. Food


Traditional Irish breakfast

Irish food much resembles the British cuisine. Breakfast is rich and includes everything from baked beans to hush brownies. Salmon and cot lovers can be at ease – those 2 dishes are practically offered in every pub. Be careful, though! Food is served  until 22:00. After that time the only meal that can be found is fast food. On the positive side, there are many chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Subway to choose from.
Also, keep in mind that all supermarkets, as well as some pubs, serve alcohol only until 22.00. Then comes the prohibition…

5. The Sights
Dublin is full of places that must be seen and after 3 times there I still have not visited all locations from my list. It does not matter if you are visiting the city for the religious, cultural, historical sights, or just for fun – there is for sure something for you here.
The admition to the National museums of Archaeology, Natural History, and Decorative Art & History is free of charge and can prove to be a nice and educational experience.
Those who find traditional museums boring may enjoy The Little Museum of Dublin or the Leprechaun Museum.
Even a simple walk between the Georgian buildings of the city or near the river Liffey can be a much satisfying experience.
For those who would like to enjoy a pint (or ten) of beer there is the Temple Bar district. This lively place is full of pubs and music and for sure is an all-time Dublin´s classic.

One thing is certain – whatever you choose to do in Dublin, do not forget to bring your umbrella as it may rain 🙂

Photos: Internet and personal archive

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