Dublin: The Spirit Trail Part 1

Drinking is on top of the list of the many things Irishmen are famous for. No matter if it is a beer or a whiskey, one thing is sure – you will not stay thirsty in Dublin!

For those of us who like to have a drink in the evening, the Irish capital is the perfect place. There are pubs practically on every corner, not to mention the iconic Temple Bar area. If you would prefer to buy alcohol in the supermarket – beware! – most stores only sell spirits until 22:00 o´clock.

Pubs are not what I would like to talk about, though. What I associate with drinking in Dublin are two of the main tourist attractions which also happen to be on the top of my list of favorite places worldwide – Guinness Storehouse  and Jameson Distillery .

The Guinness Storehouse


For those of you who are beer fans the Guinness name should sound very familiar as the brand is world-famous. The tangy-flavored dry stout has a ruby red color and is derived from malted barley and roasted unmalted barley. It was first brewed in 1759 by Arthur Guinness and today is one of the best beers a man can taste.

If you are in Dublin, there is no better way to spend your time than visiting its storehouse that will provide you with sever stores, filled with unique and unforgettable experiences.

Guinness Storehouse

The entrance fee is between 14 and 20 euros depending on the chosen time of visit. If you have already bought the Dublin pass which – I can say from experience – is the best way to save money in the city, then it is included in the price.


During your visit you will learn how Guinness is produced, the history of the brand, and the thing that was most interesting for me – you will see its adds throughout the years. My boyfriend liked the video about the making of a beer barrel and I was very fond of the lesson how to properly taste a glass of beer.


The visit usually ends in the Gravity Bar on top of the building where the guests are offered a pint of Guinness. But that is not even the best part – the walls of the circular room are made of glass which allows you to enjoy a great view of the whole city from above. If you are lucky enough, the bar-attender may even draw a shamrock in the foam of your beer.

My favorite beer brand ever!

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