Dublin: The Spirit Trail Part 2

As mentioned before, there is a great variety of places where you can get a drink in the Irish capital. But just drinking is simply not enough. You have to really experience the spirits in the spirit of Dublin. And what better place to do that than Jameson Distillery?

Jameson Distillery on Bow Street

Me and my boyfriend were not planning to go to Jameson Distillery at all. In fact it happened just because we got delayed and missed the opportunity to visit the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship and Famine Story  which was in our program for the day. Since it was about 3 o’clock and we were far from eager to go back to our accommodation we decided not to waste a minute and choose another sight to visit. Luckily for us,  the distillery turned out to be the perfect place to spend our afternoon.


Established in 1810 by John Jameson, the distillery proudly stays on the same place on Bow Street that guests can visit today, more than 200 years later. Although it is no longer active, the building is now housing a visitors center, which is one of the most popular attractions in Dublin.

A visit to the place is included in the Dublin Pass and it is free of charge. The regular price for those who do not have it is 20 euros, unless you are a student – then it is 15.

What is great about this tour is the fact it is totally interactive. It is divided into three parts each of which is designed in entertaining and fresh way.

The first part of the experience was dedicated to the history of the brand through the ages and we were told the story of how Jameson became by far the best selling Irish whiskey. We also learnt about some original artifacts found in the distillery throughout the ages.


Afterwards, all visitors were invited to move to a second room filled with tables with a number of curious stuff on them. It turned out all of the objects are connected somehow to the distillation process of Jameson and we were explained about each of them. To be honest, I like to have a glass of whiskey from time to time, but before visiting the distillery I did not have any  idea whatsoever about the process of making the spirit. So for me it was really interesting to learn that the famous whiskey is distilled three times and kept in especially chosen barrels. We also were told how its taste  changes with each distillation.


As this part of the tour was over, we were led to the third and final room – the best part  in my opinion. There, on a round table with spaces for each visitor three types of whiskey were presented: bourbon, scotch and Irish whiskey.  We were explained that the bourbon (or American whiskey) is distilled only one time, scotch – two times and Irish whiskey – three times. Then, we were invited to a comparative tasting and were able to discover the differences between the three drinks for ourselves.


We were impressed with the inside of JJ’s bar 🙂

Our amazing journey throughout the land of whiskey ended with a complimentary drink in the JJ´s bar which impressed us with its chandelier made from whiskey bottles and a nice atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing drink.

We left Jameson a bit buzzed, but content: now we were true Jameson barrel-men 🙂

Photos: Internet and personal archive

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