Terra Mitica: Be a Child for a Day

Imagine a place located on a beautiful mountainside, under a sky so blue it makes your eyes water. A place filled with grandeur but today almost eerly empty. A place where you enter an adult but fastly transform into a kid… if only for a little while. Welcome to Terra Mitica. 

I and my friend wake up early.  Today is the day that we are going to visit Terra Mitica – one of the biggest attractions in Benidorm, the city in which we are having our Erasmus internship. Sleepy but excited, we cannot wait to start our adventure.



We enter the amusement park and, strangely enough, we discover that there are not that many people here today. That is lucky because we are in a hurry to try all the rides and would like to escape the cues. To top off our feeling of happiness comes the fact that the place is gorgeous – beautiful subtropical flora all around, pastel colors underlined by the bright sun, and buildings constructed in ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian styles.


Ready to Fly!

The adventurers that we are, no attraction is too scary for us. We fly with the Tornado, hold on for dear life on the Inferno, literally jump in the deep water with the Fury of Triton. Some of the roller coasters like Titanide and Synkope are so worth it that we visit them again and again.


Circus Spectacle

Our timing seems to be good, as well. Accidentally, we walk on Reditum – a circus show performed daily at 17:00 at the Coliseum of the Rome area of the park.

Falls of the Nile is our last attraction for the day. We head there sad that our amazing adventure is soon to be over. It is a water attraction so we leave wet but with huge smiles on our faces.


Port of Alexandria

There is some time left, so pictures with the swans at the Port of Alexandria are mandatory.

We go back home with light hearts. It always feels good when the child inside you awakens. Even when it is only for a day!


The Winners of the Day!

For more information on Terra Mitica click here.

Photos and videos: Me and my friend from Outerspace Mover. Check her take on the day here.


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