5 Reasons Why Rafael Should be with Petra, Not Jane

The season final of Jane the Virgin got me thinking why should the main heroin always get the guy? I seriously feel for Petra. Jane’s heart starts glowing for Rafael once again and suddenly Petra is out of the picture? I hated the final because although they did not end up together after all that was what the scene was implying!

Here are 5 reasons why PETRA should be the one to end up with Rafael…

  1. She loved him from the beginning


    Petra has been trying to be with Rafael from Season 1. She has been with him through his cancer. She has even impregnated herself with his sperm just to keep him. And what did Jane do? She could not decide between him and Michael to save her life for the first season. Which brings me to my next point…

  2. Jane already had the chance to be with Rafael and chose Michael


    When Jane did make her final decision, it was not in favor of Rafael. In fact, she broke his heart and chose Michael. He was the one she was meant to be with and…

  3. Jane had her “Happily Ever After”

    Jane married Michael and they started their life together. He was the one she lost her virginity to. If he had not died in the middle of Season 3 they would have been still happily married and the thought of Rafael would not even had crossed her mind.

  4. Jane is Petra’s only FRIEND


    Throughout the show those two spent a lot of time building their relationship. Now they are finally on good terms and have those brunches together. So why Jane should stab her in the back and take Rafael from her as she sees they are interested in one another?

  5. Petra really changed for the better during the show

    And one final reason – Petra really changed during the show. She transformed from a roofless bitch to a slightly decent human being. She gave birth to the twins and became good mother. Doesn’t she also deserve a chance with her true love?

I believe that on nowadays TV the border between good and bad in series is really thin. The characters grow and change and overcome themselves. A heroine that was a villain the season before but is not anymore, deserves a chance in happiness, right?

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