Happy Easter!

Христос Воскресе!


“My dream to be an Easter Bunny came true today :)”~ Ginny


“I helped mommy with the eggs.”~Ginny 


“Who said there must only be an Easter bunny???”~ Puffy



International Dog Festival in Thessaloniki

There is a saying that the dog is man’s best friend. From what I saw that may turn out to be true.

Today me and my boyfriend decided it might be fun to do something different, so we visited the International Dog Festival, which we saw advertised on a billboard the previous week.  Continue reading

How to Handle an Injured Pet

Today something terrifying happened to me and I realized that I am totally unprepared for a crisis with my pet. As I was trying to clean my three-month-old bunny, Ginny, she literally jumped out of my arms, which caused her to spin in the air and lend on her head. It doesn’t sound serious but when you are a small baby and a 1,80 giant drops you for sure you end up horrified and hurt.  Continue reading